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Choosing an egg donor is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as an intended parent. Whether your doctor was the one to inform you or you began researching while struggling to conceive, chances are, you may be wondering how to navigate this decision in the best way possible.

Above all, it’s essential to know that no matter which egg donor you choose, the child who results would not exist if not for the love that you and your partner have for them.

Recommendations for Choosing an Egg Donor

When choosing an egg donor to conceive, you’ll most likely be drawn to people who look like you or share certain traits and characteristics. While the egg donation process is extremely personal and unique to you as the intended parent, it can also be satisfying to look for someone you feel drawn to. For example, when you’re reading a potential egg donor’s essay responses, do you feel an affinity for the answers?

From the moment you choose an egg donor to the moment your cycle is complete, Western Fertility Institute will advise you to take the following steps to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.


  1. Have realistic expectations: Egg donation is a human experience, and one that cannot always be predicted or controlled. Always keep in mind that your egg donor, your clinic and even you are prone to human error. At the same time, as humans, we all possess great strength and potential for joy.
  2. Consider what’s important to you: If you’re deciding to conceive with another person, be sure to sit down with them and have a conversation about the specific traits you’re looking for in an egg donor. Which characteristics are you more flexible on? It’s not always likely that you’ll find a donor that matches every criterion you’ve laid out, so knowing your priorities is a must.
  3. Follow advice from your reproductive endocrinologist regarding the ideal age of the egg donor: Select an egg donor between the ages of 18 and 30. Women between these ages are more likely to be emotionally mature and fertile.
  4. Appreciate the options available through the miracle of medical progress: When you’re searching for a fertility clinic, it’s crucial to choose a facility that provides a wide selection of potential candidates for your egg donation. For a decision as critical as this one, it can’t hurt to have lots of options.
  5. Seek guidance from the experts: When you’re looking at egg donation options to start a family, you can either opt to go it alone or find a clinic to help guide you. While every situation is different and it’s ultimately up to you, a professional fertility clinic can help you navigate legal matters, egg donor screening protocols, contracts and more. You can also educate yourself on the clinic’s egg donation process by visiting their website and exploring their patient testimonials, success rates, mission and goals.
  6. Choose an egg donor program that takes the time to assess your individual needs: You will have contact with your fertility clinic throughout the entire conception process, from egg donation to the end of the fertility cycle. It’s important to have people by your side who help and support you the entire way.


  1. Move forward with an egg donation until you’re ready: It’s important not to rush into finding an egg donor to conceive. Take the time you need to consider all facets of your decision before contacting a reputable fertility clinic.
  2. Believe egg donation myths: These days, there are several myths about egg donation circulating on the internet. Always consult with a specialist for the truth on egg donation risks and benefits.
  3. Put forth your desires for an egg donor agreement: When signing off on an egg donor agreement, it’s in everyone’s best interests to be entirely transparent about what they want and expect — including the intended parents, egg donor and surrogate if one is requested or needed. For example, if you wish to have a relationship with your donor post-cycle, it’s good to note that upfront. Or, perhaps you’d prefer your donor to remain anonymous.
  4. Ignore patient testimonials: You can gather valuable information about what it’s like to work with a fertility clinic simply by reading the patient testimonials on their site. Check out Western Fertility Institute’s testimonials here.
  5. Forget to seek support: A great number of organizations on the internet are dedicated to supporting those who opt for third-party reproduction. You’ll never have to worry about taking this journey alone — and you shouldn’t have to.
  6. Ignore your questions or concerns: As the egg donation process ensues, you’ll most likely have questions that come up here and there. Always address any questions with your IVF clinic without holding back.
  7. Forget to do your research: Investigate potential egg donor agencies with the same level of care and attention to detail that you used when selecting a donor. Things to consider when searching for the right egg donor agency include past success rates of embryo donation and quality of care. Do you feel heard and valued when you interact with the clinic’s physicians and support staff?
  8. Listen to other people’s judgments: We all face obstacles as well as triumphs in our lives. While we can control how we respond to the events in our life, we can’t control others’ reactions to the things we do. When it comes down to it, this is your decision, and the opinions of others do not need to play a role in your decision-making if you don’t want them to. Give yourself credit for getting to this point and exhibiting all the strength you have in making your decision!
  9. Insist on a long list of donor criteria: While it helps to be specific in what you want, a list that’s too narrow may limit your options when it comes to finding potential egg donors.

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