Choosing an egg donor is a big step in becoming a parent. You want the best for your future child, and it only makes sense you would want to stack the genetic card as much as you can. But what’s the best option for choosing an egg donor — an anonymous woman, a friend or a relative or an open arrangement?

What Makes a Good Egg Donor?

Genetics and appearance are the start to a good egg donor. Do you want someone with the same ethnicity or facial features as you? What about a specific body type? While you can nurture areas such as intelligence and personality, you can’t change your child’s physical appearance, making it an important part of the donor selection process.

Another factor to consider is intelligence. Good donors get selected for not only their appearance but also their intelligence. Many donor profiles will show marks of intelligence such as GPAs, SAT scores, degrees, academic awards and more. In addition to intelligence, look for a great family health history in both physical and mental aspects. No family is perfect, but you should choose a donor you feel comfortable with based on their health history.

At Western Fertility Institute, we encourage our clients to think ahead of time about any specific qualities that are important to them. For example, do you want your child to play sports? Show an aptitude for music or art? If you have a specific skill in mind, look for an egg donor who has those same skills. Your child may or may not possess the characteristics of the donor, but it can ease your mind to know your donor is everything you want and more.

Tips on Choosing Your Egg Donor

After you decide on what makes a suitable egg donor, you have to figure out where to find the right donor for you. One option is to work with your fertility clinic or Western Fertility Institute to find an egg donor. Our donors are anonymous, but you can view our donor profiles to find a woman who is the right match for your family.

If you would rather know who your donor is, a tip on choosing your egg donor is to recruit your family or friends. While the benefits of this include keeping a close relationship with your child’s mother, keep in mind that there are possible legal complications if someone would contest who the “real parent” is.

The final option is an open arrangement. In this situation, you get to select a donor and choose whether or not you want them to have a relationship with your child. You get to set the terms of the arrangement, which is helpful for both you and the donor. Make sure to have everything in a written contract before insemination, though.

Start the Journey Today

Becoming an egg donor is an exciting way to fulfill someone’s dream of becoming a parent. If you’re interested in becoming an egg donor, contact Western Fertility Institute today to learn more.