When you’re in a loving, lifetime partnership, it’s natural to want to build a family together. However, for gay men, the process of becoming fathers can be a bit confusing. At Western Fertility Institute, our inclusive fertility options make it easier for same-sex couples to pursue the dream of parenthood.

Our experienced fertility specialists are well-versed in working with gay couples, and we can walk you through your options and answer any questions or concerns you have along the way. In this post, we will lay out what happens when you work with a fertility clinic to become a gay dad.

The Process of Having a Child for Same-Sex Couples

At Western Fertility Institute, we are honored to help gay couples become dads. The timeline for having a child of your own varies, and it involves more than just the nine months your baby is in-utero. Preparing, testing and finding an egg donor and gestational carrier can take six to nine months or longer, and that’s before the embryo is implanted into the uterus of your surrogate.

However, when you work with our fertility clinic, our compassionate team guides you every step of the way on your journey to become a parent giving advice, serving as your liaison with egg donor or surrogacy agencies and ensuring a healthy embryo.

Step 1. Initial Consultation

Your first step is to meet with our experienced fertility physicians who will review with you what it takes for same-sex couples to become fathers. The two most viable options for gay men are adoption or surrogacy. If you prefer for the child to be yours biologically, in-vitro fertilization using an egg donor and a gestational carrier is the way to go.

Step 2. Preparation

Before moving forward, you and your partner will have a few decisions to make. While you can both can receive semen analysis testing, you will still need to decide which partner will be using his sperm to fertilize the donor egg.

Your Western Fertility Insititute physician will also explain the process of matching you with an egg donor and finding a gestational carrier. Along with that, you will also need to understand the legal implications, insurance details, basic medical information and all the costs associated with the surrogacy process so you are fully prepared to move forward.

Step 3. Egg Donor Matching

While we do not recruit egg donors at Western Fertility Institute, we are actively involved in connecting you with an egg donor agency to help you locate the best possible match for your family. We strive to make this step as easy as possible.

Whether you have a friend or family member who has generously offered to donate her eggs or you decide to go through an agency, we will confirm your potential egg donor’s reproductive viability to ensure she is the best candidate.

Step 4. Surrogate Matching

Some gay couples decide to use a friend or family member as their gestational carrier. However, if you need help finding a surrogate, we will happily serve as your liaison with surrogacy agencies to help you find a suitable match.

Once you have chosen a surrogate, we will schedule a consultation to assess her reproductive viability. We will also be on hand to nurture your surrogate during her fertility treatments.

Step 5. Legal Contract

A legal contract must be drawn up with your gestational carrier before proceeding. We will connect you with a fertility attorney who can finalize all aspects of the contract, which includes items such as compensation for the surrogate, payment of medical expenses and other details.

Step 6. Fertilization, Pregnancy and Delivery

Your intended surrogate begins by taking hormones before the embryo transfer to prepare her body. The donor eggs are then retrieved from the donor and fertilized. Once the embryo is ready, it is transferred into your surrogate’s uterus.

Before your surrogate conceives, you can work out with her how involved you and your partner would like to be during the pregnancy, so that you can feel connected throughout the process. Your attorney will also ensure all required documentation is prepared ahead of time so that your baby can go home with you once discharged from the hospital.

Ready to Start the Process of Becoming a Father?

If you and your partner are ready to begin the process of becoming parents, your first step should be to make an appointment to speak with an expert at Western Fertility Institute. We want to be with you every step of the way to make your dream of having a family of your own a reality.