Many aspects of the surrogacy process can be challenging to discuss. Telling your child about their surrogacy birth may seem like a daunting task — but with a little preparation, it doesn’t have to be!

Children are naturally curious and have a question for everything. Talking to your child about their birth via surrogacy at an early age can help the topic become normal for your child as they grow up.

Approaching the Conversation

You can start preparing for how to tell your child about their surrogacy birth long before the actual conversation. Here are four ways you can approach the discussion about surrogacy with your child:

1. Start a Baby Book Before They’re Born

Start documenting your surrogacy journey right away. You’ll want to keep these memories for yourself as well as your child. Take lots of pictures of yourself and your family, the process of decorating the nursery and any other significant steps along the way. Consider asking the surrogate if you can include pictures of her as well.

Don’t forget to write everything down! This book will be a treasured keepsake to share with your child for years to come.

2. Tell Your Baby About the Surrogacy Process

It may seem silly, but talking to your baby is crucial for their development long before they can understand what you’re saying. Why not use this time to practice talking about surrogacy? Strengthen your bond with your baby by telling them how long you waited for them and how excited you were when they arrived. By the time they’re ready to talk about their birth, you’ll have a good idea of what you want to say.

3. Lay a Foundation

As your child grows and becomes more curious, you can start to introduce them to the idea of how children come into the world. Make sure they understand that the journey is different for everyone, and some parents need a little more help than others. Normalize processes like surrogacy from the beginning — and then tell your child the story of their own surrogacy birth.

4. Keep the Dialogue Open

Your child needs to know that they can come to you at any time with questions and expect an honest answer. Being open with your child from a young age will not only strengthen your relationship with them — it will ensure that they never feel like their surrogacy birth is something to hide. Instead, celebrate the journey with your child! You’ve been through a lot  — you deserve it.

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