Infertility Awareness Week

It’s Infertility Awareness Week

April 23rd to 29th is National Infertility Awareness Week. Many people are aware couples struggle with conception, but they may not understand what causes fertility issues or how we can address this serious but treatable problem. You may even be struggling yourself.

We’ve gathered three of the most pervasive myths surrounding fertility and infertility. While you may have thought these things were true, they’re really not, and clearing up these sometimes damaging presumptions can help others understand how emotional and difficult trying to conceive can be.

Myth 1: Infertility Is a Women’s Issue

So many assume that when a couple cannot get pregnant, it’s a woman’s problem. Actually, we have found that having a hard time getting pregnant affects both men and women. The rate of issues that prevent pregnancy, such as fallopian tube blockages or insufficient sperm production, are seen equally among both sexes.

Sometimes, both the man and the woman have problems that make getting pregnant difficult. Dismissing infertility as a woman’s issue also discounts just how many men cannot wait to become dads. Infertility is indeed best described as a couple’s issue.

Myth 2: You Can Cure Infertility on Your Own by “Working” at Having a Baby

Not being able to conceive the child you dream of can be an emotionally trying experience. However, being told you are not trying hard enough or would get pregnant if you “worked harder” is nothing short of cruel — and nothing further from the truth.

You can have lots of unprotected sex and still not get pregnant because a medical issue is preventing fertilization of an egg, such as dysfunctional sperm. People may think they are encouraging you when they tell you to work harder at getting pregnant, but they make it sound like it’s your effort that’s lacking. That’s wrong.

Myth 3: Infertility Is a Psychological, Not Physical, Problem

This myth relates closely to myth No. 2. It’s based on the idea that infertility is all in your head. It unfairly puts a couple’s mental state on trial for what is a physical issue. You don’t get pregnant by “relaxing a little” or “not thinking about trying to conceive.” That’s all hogwash.

You treat infertility through science, by using proven, researched methods to assist with the physical act of conception. If someone tells you that you can cure your infertility by loosening up or going on vacation, tell them that is false. While a vacation will help you unwind, it will not be the magic trick that helps you conceive.

Learn More About Infertility Issues and How We Can Assist You

Now you know a little more about infertility and why it happens, and you can spread the word during April. We invite you to explore the Western Fertility Institute site to learn more about what we do and how we help couples and individuals through family building options that lead them to the baby they have always dreamed of having.

Infertility is not uncommon, and the more you understand it, the more you will see you are not alone. Make an appointment with a team member to discuss your case.

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