Our IVF Success Rates

Our Success Rates

what is the success rate of surrogacy

At Western Fertility Institute, we strive for excellence and to provide the very best in reproductive care and the greatest chance of conception. The dedication and hard work of our center’s team of excellent staff is reflected in our success rates.

2017 FET Cycle – end of Oct 2017

FET Cycle Total – 267

  • Positive – 216 81% 81%
  • Negative – 51 19% 19%

Ongoing pregnancy in HCG positive patients Total – 267 / Positive – 216

  • Ongoing – 193 72% 72%

Surrogacy Cycle Total – 185

  • Positive – 160 86% 86%
  • Ongoing – 143 77% 77%

Our Success Rates

Many women and men dream of having a baby. They want to raise a child, teach them right from wrong, throw a ball around the yard with them and do all the other things happy families do. Through no fault of their own, some people are not able to conceive the child they dream of without outside assistance. They may have fertility issues. They may be same-sex couples. Or they may be singles considering surrogacy or artificial insemination.

We are here to help those people. Western Fertility Institute provides a range of fertility treatments of great value to our clients. We help people achieve their dreams by assisting them with conceiving a baby to complete their family.

The best way to judge our effectiveness is by our success rates. We take great pride in the number of women we have helped get pregnant, either through in vitro fertilization, as surrogates, with sperm or egg donations in California or using other treatment options.

What Is the Success Rate of Surrogacy?

By the numbers, the success rate of surrogacy is how many patients get pregnant. We have an overwhelming rate of positive pregnancy tests. The majority of our surrogates become pregnant, leading to many happy families.

We Take Every Step to Ensure the Success of Your Procedure

We have one job — to help you, your spouse or your surrogate get pregnant. The route our patients take to their pregnancy varies, which is one reason we are so successful. We treat each case individually. We determine the best answer for you, which may not be the same one we would recommend to someone else, even if you have similar backgrounds or challenges.

Once we have determined what fertility treatment to pursue, we take every step to make your procedure is as successful as possible. We want you to get a positive pregnancy test the very first time. But if that doesn’t happen, we continue to try. We are not satisfied until you have the results you desire.

We understand the frustrations of infertility, and we want to help you find the hope you may have pushed aside following years of struggle to conceive. It can be an emotional journey. With our assistance, it can have a happy ending.

The Value of Fertility Treatments and Third-Party Reproduction

Without fertility treatments and third-party reproduction, many people would never experience the joys of becoming a parent. These methods offer a gateway to parenthood for people who have often given up hope of ever conceiving. Having the ability to assist someone with this goal is not something we take lightly.

Many of our intended parents have struggled with fertility for years. They come to us often as a last resort. They may have all but given up hope. Fertility treatments can assist with conditions that prevent people from conceiving. Avenues such as surrogacy also show intended parents that there is more than one way to conceive their family.

Relying on outside assistance opens new paths to parenthood. Whether you are a gay couple who needs a surrogate to carry your child or you have another reason for surrogacy, we can help you through this affirmative and rewarding process.

Have Questions

If you have questions about third-party reproduction, as well as gestational surrogacy in California, give a team member a call at 888-261-4574 or contact our center today!

What is Sex Selection?

It is common for many patients to be curious about the ability to choose the sex of their baby. This is known as Sex Selection (also commonly referred to as Gender Selection). Through genetic testing, this is possible for our patients undergoing IVF at Western Fertility Institute. A  By-product of the genetic testing performed on the embryos called PGT-A allows for differentiation between male and female embryos since the sex of each embryo is identifiable by their chromosomes.


How does Sex Selection Work?

Sex selection through Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT_A) testing allows patients to select the sex of their embryos with almost 100% accuracy. Our highly skilled embryologists will biopsy a single cell from the embryo and send it to a third-party laboratory for PGT-A testing. The PGT-A results will show if each embryo has the proper number of chromosomes as well as the prospective of sex. Embryos containing two X chromosomes are female, while male embryos will contain one X and one Y chromosome. This allows the patient to choose a PGT-A embryo of a desired sex for transfer.


Why Do People Use Sex Selection?

Patients choose to use sex selection as an option for multiple reasons.  In some cases, it can be used for medical reasons.  Sex selection allows for the prevention of sex-linked genetic diseases and chromosomal disorders. For instance, there are certain disorders, linked to the X or Y chromosomes, that have the potential to be passed on to only a son or only a daughter. In other cases, sex selection can be used for what is known as "family balancing". Family balancing is when the patient chooses a specific sex in order to fulfill their desire of a balanced family.  This can include choosing a sex based on a previously lost child, because they feel better equipped to raise a specific sex, or they want representation of both sexes in their family.


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