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If you are wondering how to find a surrogate, there are two main ways to go about it. You can use an agency, which has experience matching prospective parents with surrogates. Or you can find your surrogate independently and perhaps ask someone you know to be the carrier. There are advantages and disadvantages to each one of these approaches.

Pros of Working With an Agency to Find a Surrogate

Agencies have years of experience matching prospective parents and surrogates. They have developed extensive vetting processes to find the best candidates. They can look at your goals and dreams and then help you find someone best suited to achieving them. Agencies also offer education about the surrogacy process and all the support you need throughout the experience.

An agency also has surrogate contracts they have used before to great success. You won’t have to worry about the legal aspects of your decision.

Cons of Working With an Agency to Find a Surrogate

You may have less of a “hands-on” matchmaking experience, as you are dependent on the agency to find and screen surrogates. This may take longer than some people would prefer. You also need to thoroughly research the agency you choose. Not everyone delivers the high level of personal dedication you will find at Western Fertility Institute.

Pros of Finding a Surrogate Independently

Some prospective parents prefer to be in charge of their own search for a surrogate. They may have a friend or family member in mind. There is no go-between in this process, and you can be straightforward about what you are looking for in your surrogate and your relationship. You may also save some money by bypassing an agency, though many find the savings are not as high as they’d imagined.

Cons of Finding a Surrogate Independently

Finding a surrogate on your own can introduce a number of challenges. Without the knowledge of an agency, you will need to create an independent surrogate contract, and if you have not been through the process before, it may be difficult to know what legal standards to follow.

Looking for a surrogate is not easy. If you do not go with someone you know, you may have to employ social media, secondary contacts through your personal network, surrogate websites and more to advertise and find someone. The vetting process for these people will be less thorough than with an agency. Screening can take a long time, too.

Finally, it may be difficult to keep your identity a secret while vetting potential surrogates. Maintaining privacy is vital in the process since you may not choose many of the people you vet. Agencies provide a way to keep your identity anonymous as you select your surrogate.

Should You Work With an Agency or Independently to Find Your Surrogate?

The decision depends on your individual preferences. When you choose to work with an agency, you get experience on your side as well as a proven vetting process that ensures you know everything there is to know about your surrogate before you enter into an agreement. But if you already have a surrogate in mind, you may prefer to go the independent route. Get in touch with Western Fertility Institute to learn more about our surrogate screening process.