Are you considering surrogacy? Becoming a surrogate mother is a big step — but the process comes with so many rewards. As a carrier for another couple or person, you’re offering the ultimate act of generosity — completing their family. And it’s an experience that bears fruit for you, as well.

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate, here are a few of the many benefits it brings.

1. Experience the Personal Joy of Pregnancy

Whether you’ve been pregnant before or this will be your first time carrying a child, surrogacy offers you an opportunity to experience the delight of gestation without the pressures of parenthood. For mothers who loved being with child — but don’t want to add another baby to the family — surrogacy provides another chance to experience pregnancy. For women who may not be parents, surrogacy allows you to understand the amazing experience of carrying life. Pregnancy is a joyful and unique process that will enrich your life.

2. Help a Family in Need

The dream of raising children is something so many people, couples and potential parents look forward to — and yet for millions of families across the United States, that dream is something they may not be able to achieve on their own. Illness, infertility and other issues can make it difficult — or impossible — for some parents to carry their own children. As a selfless surrogate mother, you serve the purpose of generously providing what others may want so desperately — their own child.

Surrogacy allows parents to bring their baby into the world with your help. Even better, you don’t have to donate your eggs. Here at Western Fertility, we only use the potential parents’ DNA or previously donated eggs for the embryo — you will only be the carrier.

3. Receive Financial Compensation

Bringing a baby to life is a big deal — it takes a lot of preparation, in addition to the nine months you’ll be pregnant. We understand that surrogacy is a huge responsibility as well as a joy, which is why you’ll be generously compensated for your generosity. Western Fertility Institute offers you the opportunity to earn up to $50,000 for becoming a surrogate mother.

4. Build Lifelong Friendships

During your pregnancy and other parts of the surrogacy process, you’ll have the chance to meet new people and develop strong relationships — especially with the new family you’ll work with. Many surrogates build lifelong bonds with the people they carry life for. In addition to the parents, you’ll have a strong support system from their family, the medical team at the clinic and a whole community of passionate surrogates. This joyful experience offers so many avenues for making friends and beginning relationships.

Become a Surrogate Today

Are you ready to become a surrogate? Here at Western Fertility Institute, we work to make the experience as comfortable and rewarding as possible. As a one-stop shop for fertility options, egg donation and surrogacy, we are here to bring families’ dreams to life — and you can be part of it.

Fill out our online form to apply for surrogacy — and change lives — today.

This content was medically reviewed by the Western Fertility Institute medical team on August 8, 2019.

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