Becoming a gestational carrier is a wonderful way to give the most amazing gift to someone who wants to start their own family. A gestational carrier acts as a surrogate to carry the fertilized egg to term. In vitro fertilization implants an embryo formed from the mother’s egg and father’s sperm in the gestational carrier, who becomes pregnant and gives birth.

The process of finding gestational carriers takes time and effort. While many women may apply, not all are chosen.

What Is the Gestational Surrogacy Process?

Western Fertility Institute uses a selective process for finding gestational carriers. Prospective carriers first fill out an application providing extensive information about their history and health. We screen each candidate to find women most likely to carry a healthy baby to term. Our team wants to assist prospective parents in finding the best possible chance of making their dreams come true.

What Requirements Should Gestational Carriers Meet?

We have a number of qualifications for our gestational carriers, in an effort to find the best fits for our prospective parents. These include:

  • Medical: We require a full medical history from every woman, including anything that could impact a pregnancy. Carriers should meet our weight and height requirements, and they cannot have a BMI above 33. They should have a history of successful pregnancy and delivery as well.
  • Background: Candidates should be 21-44 years old. They must live in surrogate-friendly states and have a stable, safe living environment.

These requirements are not arbitrary. Our research has found these qualities give a woman the best chance of getting pregnant. We are happy to discuss our requests with you to help you understand what we are looking for.

How Much Does a Gestational Carrier Cost?

How much a gestational carrier costs varies depending on where you find the person. It may be more expensive in certain parts of the country. What ultimately matters is how comfortable you are with the choices given to you and whether you can make it work for your budget. Here are some things you will need to account for:

  • The gestational carrier’s fee, which is usually tens of thousands of dollars
  • The fee for the agency, if they found your gestational carrier
  • Doctor’s office visits for your gestational carrier
  • Health insurance for the gestational carrier
  • Legal fees for the surrogacy agreement
  • IVF services, which may need to be repeated if the first treatment doesn’t work

Talk to Western Fertility Institute About Our Gestational Carriers

We recruit gestational carriers we believe will make the best fit for our prospective parents. We appreciate our surrogates’ commitment to providing a needed service that will make a huge difference in another person’s life.

Gestational carriers can expect to undergo extensive examinations, too, such as a physical exam, psychological evaluation, blood panel and more. We want to ensure our prospective parents know everything they can before deciding on the person who will carry their child. Do you want to learn more about our gestational carrier recruiting process? Contact us today.