Finding the perfect choice of surrogate may seem like an overwhelming job. The good news is that with a little upfront planning, intended parents in need of a surrogate can find their ideal match.

Here are six tips on finding the right surrogate for your situation.

1. Consider the Women in Your Closest Sphere

Your surrogate does not have to be a stranger. Individuals and couples looking for surrogates frequently start with the women they know best, including family members and very close friends. From sisters and mothers to lifelong friends, surrogates can come from a range of close sources.

2. Work With an Agency to Find Surrogate Candidates

To find a surrogate outside of your personal network, work with an agency. Legitimate agencies screen their surrogates, offering only those women who are the strongest candidates. They handle all the background screening, psychological screening, physical screening and logistical details. Plus, they give couples and individuals the ability to choose from a variety of viable surrogates.

3. Outline What Matters Most to You

Surrogates come in all shapes, sizes and ages, from age 21 to 44. Decide what type of surrogate is most important to you, as an individual or a couple, before looking through surrogate possibilities.

4. Be Patient With the Surrogate Matching Process

Surrogacy cannot be too carefully or conscientiously approached. It usually takes time, so patience is essential. The best way to think about surrogacy is as a journey, not a quick trip.

5. Ask to Interview Surrogates

What is a surrogate actually like in person? The only way to find out is through an interview, which can take place online or in-person. Meeting a potential surrogate can help remove doubt and relieve stress.

6. Define the Surrogate and Intended Parent Relationship

The surrogate may the gestational carrier for nine months, but what happens when the baby is born? Does the surrogate have access to a relationship with the intended parents? It’s important to answer these questions early in the process. That way, everyone will be on the same page and have a contract that outlines their agreement.

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This content was medically reviewed by the Western Fertility Institute medical team on October 24, 2019.