Whether you realize it or not, the chances are high that someone you know has faced infertility or experienced some difficulty starting a family. While every family is different, some intended parents choose to work with a surrogate to bring their child into the world.

The surrogacy process can feel empowering and extremely rewarding. But what people may not realize is that surrogates need help and support, too. If your friend, relative or partner has decided to become a surrogate for a lucky family, consider these ways to support them in their journey.

1. Offer Emotional Support

In addition to the influx of hormones during any pregnancy, surrogates may experience even more emotional ups and downs. Surrogacy is a major, selfless decision that comes with a lot of responsibility. Support the surrogate in your life by reassuring her that you support her decision and let her know that she can always vent to you — even about the little things.

2. Give Practical Assistance

Pregnancy can be exhausting and mentally draining for anyone. Offer day-to-day help throughout the surrogacy process to make it easier. Running an errand or cooking a meal can go a long way. Perhaps the surrogate in your life is already a mother with a family of her own, and you could offer to babysit during appointments.

3. Treat Them to an Activity They Enjoy

Self-care is always important, but pregnancy is definitely not the time to overlook it. Treat the surrogate in your life to a spa day. Accompany her to get a pedicure, take her out to lunch or just sit down to watch her favorite movie with her. Taking the time to support surrogates in this way shows how much you care.

4. Offer to Go to Appointments With Them

Whether you’re simply providing transportation or offering emotional support in a doctor’s office or waiting room, accompanying a surrogate to doctor’s appointments is a kind and practical gesture.

5. Check in Often

No two surrogates are alike. Even if this isn’t her first time experiencing the surrogacy process, the surrogate in your life might be feeling different or have new needs. When in doubt, check in to see if there’s anything you can do to help. And if not, that still shows you will be around if anything does come up.

6. Validate the Decision to Become a Surrogate

Every pregnancy comes with challenges, but the complexities and additional responsibilities of bringing another parent’s child into the world mean that surrogates may need even more support. Remind surrogates about their selfless, important work — and how they will bring joy to someone who has likely given up hope of conceiving or becoming a parent.

Give the Gift of Life

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