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Our team of experts maintain the highest standards while employing the latest and most sophisticated technology to ensure optimal results, giving your eggs the best chance of growing into healthy embryos.
The Western Fertility IVF Laboratory includes andrology, endocrinology and embryology services. The combined effort of these laboratories contributes greatly to our continuing success. For more information please visit the Success Rates section of our website.

Meet your IVF Lab team

Man Li, M.D., PhD | IVF Lab Director

Dr. Man Li is director of the Western Fertility Institute IVF laboratory. She earned her doctorate degree in Human Reproductive Medicine in 1998. Dr. Li’s commitment to outstanding patient care is why she focuses her attention to every incredible detail.¬†Along with the other members of our team, Dr. Li enjoys the happiness that comes in seeing the success our patients have on their path to becoming a parent fulfilled. Those success stories are what drive Dr. Li and fuels her passion for embryology and human reproductive medicine. In her spare time, Dr. Li enjoys gardening and spending time with her family.

Hyang (Hailey) Park, M.S. | Senior Embryologist

Hyang (Hailey) Park, MS is a senior embryologist at Western Fertility Institute. She received her MS degree in biotechnology from the university of Daegu in Korea. She has been involved in human assisted reproductive technologies since 2000. She was trained and served as an embryologist at CHA global organization until 2012. She brings experience, quality and knowledge to the Western Fertility Institute embryology laboratory. She is a member of American Association of Bioanalysts and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She recognizes that she is blessed to have such a wonderful specialty to help people realize their dream of having a beautiful family.

Yufen Xie, M.D., PhD | Senior Embryologist

Dr. Yufen Xie is a senior embryologist at Western Fertility Institute. As a dedicated senior embryologist, she is responsible for the daily operations of the embryology lab, including blastocyst vitrification, ICSI and embryo biopsy. Her greatest desire is to help people achieve their dream of having children. She received her medical degree (M.D) and OB/GYN residency at the Zhong Shan University, School of Medicine in China, followed by her PhD degree in Medical Genetics at Essen University, School of Medicine in Germany. Dr. Yufen Xie completed her postdoctoral Fellowship in the Embryo and Stem Cell Research Laboratory at the Wayne State University in Michigan. She has presented her researches in embryo and stem cell at meetings around the world and has published over 30 papers in the field of reproductive medicine. She is a member of American Association of Bioanalysis.

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