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Find Cutting-Edge Technology at Our Fertility Center in Los Angeles

Science holds the key to addressing cases of infertility. Technology helped pioneer treatments such as in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination, and a state-of-the-art laboratory can be the difference between success and failure in your journey to conception. You want to choose the California fertility clinic with the most up-to-date tools to maximize your chances of getting pregnant or getting a surrogate pregnant.

The better the technology your clinic uses, the better your shot at achieving your dream. Western Fertility Institute knows this, and that’s why we employ the most advanced techniques with our patients based on the most current research and theories. Does this approach work? Yes, it does — the proof is in our outstanding, higher-than-industry-standard success rates.

What Treatment Options Does Your Encino Fertility Clinic Handle?

We provide a range of third-party reproductive treatment options for couples and individuals trying to conceive, including:

  • Artificial insemination: Donor sperm is used to fertilize an egg.
  • In vitro fertilization and frozen egg transfer: We can fertilize an egg or donor egg with sperm or donor sperm outside of the uterus, then implant the fertilized egg in the uterus of the intended mother or surrogate. We can also freeze embryos for future use. We have a FET Cycle success rate of over 80 percent.
  • Surrogacy: A surrogate carries a fertilized egg to term for a couple. It may be the product of their own egg and sperm or some combination of donor eggs and sperm. We have a surrogacy success rate of above 80 percent.

Why Are We the Best California Fertility Clinic?

We are the best because we get the best results, and we hold your hand while we do it. Our lab is not cold or impersonal. We get to know our patients, donors and surrogates, and we treat them as real people. This is the difference between our clinic and many others you may find around the state.

While we rely on technology, and it’s a huge part of our success, we also recognize that ultimately, fertility treatment is about human connection and the desire to have a child. You cannot measure these emotional aspects in the lab, and we put the highest priority on them throughout the process.

State-of-the-art IVF Laboratory

Our team of experts maintain the highest standards while employing the latest and most sophisticated technology to ensure optimal results, giving your eggs the best chance of growing into healthy embryos.

The Western Fertility IVF Laboratory includes andrology, endocrinology and embryology services. The combined effort of these laboratories contributes greatly to our continuing success. For more information please visit the Success Rates section of our website.

Meet your IVF Lab team

Man Li, M.D., PhD | IVF Lab Director

李满 博士 | 试管婴儿实验室主任

Dr. Man Li is director of the Western Fertility Institute IVF laboratory. She earned her doctorate degree in Human Reproductive Medicine in 1998. Dr. Li’s commitment to outstanding patient care is why she focuses her attention to every incredible detail. Along with the other members of our team, Dr. Li enjoys the happiness that comes in seeing the success our patients have on their path to becoming a parent fulfilled. Those success stories are what drive Dr. Li and fuels her passion for embryology and human reproductive medicine. In her spare time, Dr. Li enjoys gardening and spending time with her family.

Hyang (Hailey) Park, M.S. | Senior Embryologist

Hyang (Hailey) Park, MS is a senior embryologist at Western Fertility Institute. She received her MS degree in biotechnology from the university of Daegu in Korea. She has been involved in human assisted reproductive technologies since 2000. She was trained and served as an embryologist at CHA global organization until 2012. She brings experience, quality and knowledge to the Western Fertility Institute embryology laboratory. She is a member of American Association of Bioanalysts and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She recognizes that she is blessed to have such a wonderful specialty to help people realize their dream of having a beautiful family.

Yufen Xie, M.D., PhD, ELD (ABB) | Certified Embryology Lab Director

Dr. Yufen Xie is a Certified Embryology Lab Director at Western Fertility Institute. She is responsible for the daily operations of the embryology lab, including blastocyst vitrification, ICSI and embryo biopsy. Her greatest desire is to help people achieve their dream of having children. She received her medical degree (M.D) and OB/GYN residency at the Zhong Shan University, School of Medicine in China, followed by her PhD degree in Medical Genetics at Essen University, School of Medicine in Germany. Dr. Yufen Xie completed her postdoctoral Fellowship in the Embryo and Stem Cell Research Laboratory at the Wayne State University in Michigan. She has presented her researches in embryo and stem cell at meetings around the world and has published over 30 papers in the field of reproductive medicine. She is a member of American Association of Bioanalysis.

Samantha Hain | Laboratory Specialist

Samantha has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology and is currently working on her Masters in Biology from California State University, Northridge. She spends most of her time in the Andrology and Endocrinology parts of our IVF lab, as well as oversees the import and export of reproductive samples to and from the institute. She loves being a part of the WFI team and aiding in the amazing work of helping people expand their families.

Loida | Laboratory Tech./Compliance Officer/Safety Committee

Loida Raymundo manages both our Endocrine and Andrology (blood and semen analysis) labs at Western Fertility. Prior to joining our team she managed a Cardiology Group Lab for 24 years. Loida also oversees our Regulatory Compliance and serves on our Safety Committee. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy. Loida was born in the Philippines and is fluent in Tagalog. She says her favorite part of work is reading and sharing pregnancy results(she is the first to see them). Loida also loves to see our pregnant patients when they come in.

Kathryn Anderson | Laboratory Assistant

Kathryn has Bachelor’s degrees in Integrative Biology and Anthropology from University of California, Berkeley. She is also a certified phlebotomist with 2 years of hospital laboratory experience. Kathryn joined our laboratory team in July 2018, working with our nurses and third party coordinators to ensure patients and donors have met the proper requirements each cycle. An IVF baby herself, Kathryn has always been interested in the field of reproductive health and medicine and is excited to be a part of creating families.

Makayla McGraw | Safety Committee/Notary Public/Laboratory Assistant

Makayla is a part of the IVF Laboratory team, assisting with data entry and inventory control. She is our resident Notary Public and the head of our Safety Committee. She also has her phlebotomy license and often assists with the routine blood draws. She truly is a “Jack of all trades”! Makayla enjoys working with such supportive Laboratory and Office Associates. She loves being on clinical side of the IVF experience and helping to create families as she is a retired egg donor.

Have Questions

If you have questions about third-party reproduction, as well as gestational surrogacy in California, give a team member a call at 888-261-4574 or contact our center today!

What is Sex Selection?

It is common for many patients to be curious about the ability to choose the sex of their baby. This is known as Sex Selection (also commonly referred to as Gender Selection). Through genetic testing, this is possible for our patients undergoing IVF at Western Fertility Institute. A  By-product of the genetic testing performed on the embryos called PGT-A allows for differentiation between male and female embryos since the sex of each embryo is identifiable by their chromosomes.


How does Sex Selection Work?

Sex selection through Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT_A) testing allows patients to select the sex of their embryos with almost 100% accuracy. Our highly skilled embryologists will biopsy a single cell from the embryo and send it to a third-party laboratory for PGT-A testing. The PGT-A results will show if each embryo has the proper number of chromosomes as well as the prospective of sex. Embryos containing two X chromosomes are female, while male embryos will contain one X and one Y chromosome. This allows the patient to choose a PGT-A embryo of a desired sex for transfer.


Why Do People Use Sex Selection?

Patients choose to use sex selection as an option for multiple reasons.  In some cases, it can be used for medical reasons.  Sex selection allows for the prevention of sex-linked genetic diseases and chromosomal disorders. For instance, there are certain disorders, linked to the X or Y chromosomes, that have the potential to be passed on to only a son or only a daughter. In other cases, sex selection can be used for what is known as "family balancing". Family balancing is when the patient chooses a specific sex in order to fulfill their desire of a balanced family.  This can include choosing a sex based on a previously lost child, because they feel better equipped to raise a specific sex, or they want representation of both sexes in their family.