Great News From An International Patient




Great News from an international patient

I would like to share my experience with Western Fertility Institute in the USA this time. When I met Dr. Kumar, he analyzed my previous medical condition and, also evaluated my current condition. He had unique insights and observations, which led to a very professional and detailed treatment plan. I was impressed by their professional work and really believe in him. Firmly, I made my decision to do IVF with Western Fertility. I used to have doubts about myself. After all, I was a 38 years old and have been diagnosed elsewhere with poor ovarian function, poor egg quality, and have been sentenced to no hope of having my own babies. I was desperate at that time. When I came to Western Fertility Institute, the encouragement from Dr. Kumar and my case manager Lin Lin gave me confidence. As a result, from my egg retrieval, there were 5 eggs and 3 of them successfully blasted. 2 of the 3 embryos passed PGS. Both are 4AA-grade high quality embryos, one male and one female. I was in tears when I got the results. How blessed I am!!! If it wasn’t for Dr. Kumar and Lin Lin who did not give up on me, I would regret it for life. I would like to thank Dr. Kumar and every professional staff member on his team. I am so lucky that I met them and my heart is full of respect and appreciation.