Single Women

Conceiving as a single woman

Women today have the ability to take control of their life and family, designing it in a way that makes them most happy and fulfilled. Women are able to pursue motherhood regardless of having a male spouse through treatments such as IVF or IUI with donor sperm.

Some women may choose to start a family without a male spouse because they have not yet found a suitable partner and don’t want to wait or maybe they just want to be a mother and not a wife. There may be many reasons for wanting to pursue motherhood as a single woman, whatever the reason Western Fertility Institute understands that each scenario is unique and our goal is to guide you and support you on your path to a healthy baby.

Western Fertility Institute has many treatment options available for single women. Once you meet with the physician you will be able to discuss if you will be using a known sperm donor or anonymous donor. Whatever you choose, the physicians at Western Fertility will create a treatment plan that supports your decision of building a family.

Should you need anonymous donor sperm, Western Fertility Institute is here to guide you in the process of finding reputable anonymous donor sperm agencies and who we feel are more than qualified and will help to make your journey of building a family a positive experience.

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