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The Mission of Western Fertility Institute is to provide a supportive and comfortable environment utilizing the latest technology and equipment on the path to achieving a healthy pregnancy. The physicians and our team are dedicated, talented, and empathetic to the needs of the patients and are at the top of their field. The support staff is available to assist patients during treatment with encouragement and emotional support.



“💙💙We are very excited to make it IG and FB official- Baby Boy Gerstmyer is expected early 2021!! 💙💙

*Disclaimer* I made this photo announcement 95 days ago. I wrote this post about 3 weeks ago. Alex and I have debated sharing this news publicly for over 6 months*

I have learned from my experience that baby announcements can be "triggering"... This is not my intention. Instead, I hope that this instills hope into all of my friends who are in their Fertility journey, or will be in the future. However, if you need to unfollow or silence me I completely understand and I am still here for you.

For those of you who want to follow our IVF journey, I will document the details in my IG
stories and highlights - including traveling to California during the COVID19 Lockdown.

Everyone's journey is unique, for us it has taken:
1 laparoscopic surgery
2 biopsies without anesthesia
2 MRIs
1 failed IUI
3 canceled egg retrievals
3 egg retrievals, 51 eggs total
1 failed FET
3 more healthy babies waiting their turn!
Countless tears😭

Thank you to everyone who has been there for us throughout this whole journey, especially our heroes at Western Fertility in L.A.”
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Sometimes even miracles take a little time. 💕 @surrogate4u patiently waiting and offering support to one of our surrogate mothers while baby 👶🏻 was not quite “ready” to say hello to the world!! 😁☺️
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“The entire process has been a miracle for us. We could not have asked for a better experience.” – L.R.

Your Path to Parenthood

Western Fertility Institute is your guide in every step of your path to parenthood. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. We are here to provide you with the tools needed to have a clear path to follow so that you have the confidence that your needs and concerns are being met each and every step of the way.

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Building the Modern Family

Western Fertility Institute firmly believes that any person who wishes to have a family has the right to pursue their dreams of becoming a family, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. We offer the opportunity to choose from various family building options in a continuously attentive and welcoming environment. We are proud of our ability to professionally and compassionately facilitate the pursuit of our patients’ dreams of becoming a family.

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Building the Modern Family

Western Fertility Institute firmly believes that any person who wishes to have a family has the right to pursue their dreams of becoming a family, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. We offer the opportunity to choose from various family building options in a continuously attentive and welcoming environment. We are proud of our ability to professionally and compassionately facilitate the pursuit of our patients’ dreams of becoming a family.

“Thank you for being there for us every step of the way on our path to parenthood!” – G. S.

Why Western Fertility Institute Is the Best Fertility Clinic in Los Angeles

You won’t find a better fertility clinic in California than Western Fertility Institute. We rely on the most cutting-edge technology to treat infertility, complemented by third-party reproduction methods such as in vitro fertilization, surrogacy and artificial insemination.

No other fertility clinics in Los Angeles can match our warmth and compassion. We know you have been through an ordeal dealing with infertility or frustrations over not being able to start a family. When you come to us, you get someone in your corner. We will fight for you until you reach the result you have hoped for.

Our Success Rates

We want you to be comfortable with the knowledge that you’re making the right choice with WFI


International Clients

Our clients span the globe, see all the different places our clients come from.


Our Physicians

Our physicians and staff are internationally recognized as the top in their field


Our Mission: What Sets Us Apart From Other Fertility Clinics in Southern California

We want to help you conceive a child. But we also want to achieve this goal in an agreeable and comfortable manner, no matter what path to intended parenthood you pursue:

  • We support you throughout the often-emotional time when you receive treatment for infertility.
  • We offer insights as you try to find the right donor match.
  • We handle everything from hormone injections to getting a birth certificate for your new child.

When we work for you, you have less to worry about. You can focus on your treatment or the reproductive assistance that will make your dream come true.

Fertility Clinic Services We Offer in California

Our services include a range of options for couples struggling with infertility, same-sex couples looking to conceive and individuals wishing to become parents. These choices include:

  • Artificial insemination: You can pick your donor sperm and get inseminated at our office
  • In vitro fertilization: Whether you use your own egg and sperm or that of a donor, we can walk you through each step
  • Surrogacy: Find a woman who will carry your child and fulfill your dreams
  • Egg donor: Select a donor egg to fertilize and carry to term or use a surrogate
  • Egg freezing: Put your eggs in storage for future use

Building Families

We truly appreciate everything you have done for us. The time you and your staff took to guide us through the entire process really did make it a lot easier. We really felt like we were being taken care of, you and your staff treated us like family. Please know that the long hours, the answering of many questions and hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated. You are all doing amazing things! We will forever be grateful to each of you, you helped make our dreams come true. – S. J.

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Comfort & Compassion

Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for all you have done for us. Thank you so much for going above and beyond in so many ways. We appreciate the honesty, comfort and compassion you gave us throughout this difficult period of our lives. Your new clinic is and will continue to be a huge success! The staff is fantastic and it is clearly evident that they truly care. Thank you so much for everything. We can never thank you enough. – R. M.

A Rewarding Choice

Three years ago a friend told us to go see you, they recommended you as being a good doctor. Now, when I am asked about which doctor I went to see to get pregnant, I not only recommend you as a good doctor but as a great human being. Thank you for everything! – M.Y.

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Renewing Hope

We are eternally thankful for your help. When we came to see you we had spent 3 years trying. My PCOS had made us feel hopeless and we were about to give up. Your belief that we would be able to get pregnant gave us hope again. Our son is now 7 weeks old and the best thing in our life. Thank you for helping us achieve this wonderful little miracle. – Y. V.

Understanding & Empathy

It’s clear that you are passionate and gifted at what you do and we are so grateful for everything! Thank you so much for your patience, guidance and calm demeanor. I especially appreciate how understanding and empathetic you were in your approach to my dealing with pregnancy after loss. You really went above and beyond, and it’s hard to put into words how much we appreciate you and your incredible staff. Thank you so much. You really are amazing! – T. N.

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Dreams Come True

I just wanted to thank you and your lovely staff for making our dreams come true! We appreciate the compassion, patience and help that was provided to us through this journey. We had a wonderful birth experience and I’m still in awe that I was able to help deliver my baby girl. Thank you all so much for all of your support to help bring this beautiful angel into the world. – L. B.

“Although we were half way across the world, we never felt distant. We were able to text often, send pictures, videos and Skype. The relationship we were able to build was amazing and beautiful.”– N. K.

Taking the Next Step at Our Los Angeles Fertility Clinic

Are you ready to move forward with the most important decision of your life? Enlist our assistance in getting pregnant, finding a surrogate or freezing your eggs today. You can begin your journey to parenthood simply by filling out a form. Tell us a little about yourself and what type of assistance you seek. You can also schedule an appointment at our office or call us on our toll-free number, 888-261-4574.

You can become a parent. Don’t let that dream slip away from you just because you haven’t succeeded in the past. Contact Western Fertility Clinic now to get started.

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