Infertility Treatment Costs in Calfornia

What is the cost of infertility treatment?

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You can’t put a price on love. Many families would pay anything they could to conceive a child, but not every family has the resources to do so comfortably without putting undue strain on their budget or compromising their future. Yet every family deserves the chance to add that bundle of joy they have been dreaming of. This is why Western Fertility Institute makes our plans as accessible as possible to people at all levels of income.

We understand facing infertility is challenging enough. Western Fertility Institute is committed to making the financial aspect of your journey to a healthy baby as seamless as possible. We are pleased to offer pricing packages based on your treatment cycle. Once you and the physician have formulated a treatment plan, a comprehensive price schedule detailing the costs will be provided to you.

Western Fertility Institute offers pricing on the following treatment cycles:

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) - This is one of the least invasive and simplest treatments we offer. It involves placing washed sperm in the uterus to increase the likelihood of fertilization. Egg Freezing - Women often choose to have their eggs frozen to preserve their reproductive potential, giving them greater options down the road. This simple procedure doesn't take a lot of time. You will also pay to keep the eggs stored. Embryo Freezing - Many of our patients choose the peace of mind of freezing embryos. You will, again, need to pay for storage of these embryos. Our cost also covers medicine used to help stimulate the production of eggs. Standard IVF - The cost of in vitro fertilization in California covers both the price of the medicine used to stimulate egg production and the actual implantation procedure. It may take more than one round of IVF to succeed. IVF with PGS - California IVF costs will be slightly higher when you opt to add preimplantation genetic screening, which tests the embryo for chromosome numbers. It can alert parents to whether the embryo has missing or extra chromosomes. IVF with the use of an Egg Donor or Surrogate - The more people involved in your fertility treatment, the more expensive it will likely be. Employing an egg donor or surrogate can get you the end result you have always wanted, the baby to complete your family. It will cost more for the egg donation and paying for the needs of your specially chosen surrogate, who deserves the best possible care as she carries your child. Frozen Embryo Transfers - This procedure includes a number of different steps, such as thawing and transferring of the embryos and monitoring of implantation. You may also have to pay for embryology fees.

How Much Is IVF in California?

It is difficult to put a numerical value on the cost of IVF. Every patient we see has different needs. We handle each one on an individual basis in order to ensure we provide the best possible care, resulting in the greatest likelihood of conception. That means one patient may incur costs associated with a procedure another one does not require, even though they are both getting IVF or having their eggs frozen.

We pledge to work with you on payment options and keep you informed about every expense. We want you to understand what you are paying for and why these procedures are necessary. We aim to keep communication lines open so you do not experience any financial concerns during this critical period.

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