In Vitro Fertilization

IVF in Los Angeles

In vitro Fertilization is an advanced treatment that assists the process of egg fertilization and implantation using the latest medical technology and treatments. Western Fertility Institute’s state of the art lab uses the latest technology and procedures to achieve some of the best success rates in the country.

Struggling with infertility can be an emotional and frustrating experience. We understand you may even feel overwhelmed as you search for IVF in Los Angeles. Our team is dedicated to making this process as simple, easy and fast as possible. Many of the people we assist have been on a years-long journey toward parenthood, and we know how much you desire a baby to fill out your family.

We can advise you on everything you need to know about the in vitro fertilization process in our Los Angeles office. You can ask all of your questions, and we will get you the answers you need to decide if IVF is right for you. Throughout southern California, Western Fertility Institute is known for our compassionate care and outstanding results. Read on to learn more about our IVF procedure.

IVF Process

Once it is determined that In Vitro Fertilization is the best course of treatment the process is fairly straightforward.

The ovaries are stimulated using medication to produce a number of viable eggs. We rely on synthetic hormones to spur the release of more than one egg in a cycle. The more eggs we can capture, the better the odds of fertilization.

Retrieval & Collection
The resulting crop of eggs is retrieved from the ovaries using a minimally invasive procedure and sperm is collected from the male. These procedures take less than an hour in most cases. After the eggs have been harvested, you may feel cramping or continued pressure in the uterus. We incubate the eggs as we begin preparing for fertilization.

Fertilization & Development
The eggs are fertilized in the lab using the males sperm. They are then monitored for growth for 5 to 6 days. Depending on your age and your history of infertility, we may do other procedures at this time as well to increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy. We will explain them thoroughly so you understand what is being done and why.

The resulting healthy embryo(s) are then transferred into the uterus. This is usually a painless procedure using a catheter to guide the eggs. It could take up to 10 days for the embryo to implant in the uterine lining.

Pregnancy Test
Two weeks after transfer, a blood pregnancy test is done to determine if the procedure was successful. At this point progesterone may be indicated to aid in maintaining a heathy uterine wall that will helps carry the baby to term. If the procedure was not successful, we can discuss ways to increase your likelihood of conceiving in the next cycle if you choose to repeat the in vitro fertilization.

How to Choose an IVF Clinic

You want to use the best IVF in Los Angeles to help you conceive. IVF can be a delicate and demanding process. Having people who understand your desire to have a child and are willing to do anything they can to assist you in achieving that life goal can make all the difference in your IVF journey.

Western Fertility Institute is the best IVF clinic in California. We care deeply about our IVF and other fertility patients. We see our job not just as helping you conceive but also giving you a sounding board for concerns, walking you through the day-to-day challenges of IVF, and providing emotional support when needed along the way. We will not stop working until you have brought your child into the world.

Don’t be satisfied with anything but the best LA IVF clinic. Talk to us today about your unique situation, learn about the cost of in vitro fertilization in California and see how we can aid you.

Have Questions

If you have questions about third-party reproduction, as well as gestational surrogacy in California, give a team member a call at 888-261-4574 or contact our center today!

What is Sex Selection?

It is common for many patients to be curious about the ability to choose the sex of their baby. This is known as Sex Selection (also commonly referred to as Gender Selection). Through genetic testing, this is possible for our patients undergoing IVF at Western Fertility Institute. A  By-product of the genetic testing performed on the embryos called PGT-A allows for differentiation between male and female embryos since the sex of each embryo is identifiable by their chromosomes.


How does Sex Selection Work?

Sex selection through Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT_A) testing allows patients to select the sex of their embryos with almost 100% accuracy. Our highly skilled embryologists will biopsy a single cell from the embryo and send it to a third-party laboratory for PGT-A testing. The PGT-A results will show if each embryo has the proper number of chromosomes as well as the prospective of sex. Embryos containing two X chromosomes are female, while male embryos will contain one X and one Y chromosome. This allows the patient to choose a PGT-A embryo of a desired sex for transfer.


Why Do People Use Sex Selection?

Patients choose to use sex selection as an option for multiple reasons.  In some cases, it can be used for medical reasons.  Sex selection allows for the prevention of sex-linked genetic diseases and chromosomal disorders. For instance, there are certain disorders, linked to the X or Y chromosomes, that have the potential to be passed on to only a son or only a daughter. In other cases, sex selection can be used for what is known as "family balancing". Family balancing is when the patient chooses a specific sex in order to fulfill their desire of a balanced family.  This can include choosing a sex based on a previously lost child, because they feel better equipped to raise a specific sex, or they want representation of both sexes in their family.


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