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Egg donation plays an important role in helping many people end their long struggle with infertility. By agreeing to provide eggs to our donor agency, you become a key part of an amazing story. Western Fertility Institute relies on qualified egg donor candidates in California to help us fulfill so many of our patients’ dreams of starting their own family.

We are selective in the women we choose for egg donation at our Los Angeles, California clinic. You must meet a number of criteria, which we oversee closely to ensure our soon-to-be parents have the best chance at a successful embryo donation. We appreciate the tremendous service you supply our families, and we hold your hand along every step of the process. Read on to discover how to donate your eggs and give a family a chance at having a baby.

How Do I Become an Egg Donor in California?

The first step to becoming an egg donor is to complete an application and screening process. During the application process, you can usually expect to undergo a physical examination and a psychological examination. A doctor will also record your medical history and social history. You can expect to receive STD tests as well as genetic tests to rule out a family history of congenital disabilities.

There are a few reasons for the rigorous screening process for egg donors. As an egg donor, you are lending your genetic material to another woman or couple to help them have a baby. The tests ensure your eggs are healthy enough to be used to start a family. The tests also confirm that you are healthy enough for the egg donation process.

What Are the Requirements to Donate Eggs in California?

Western Fertility Institute is one of the most selective places to donate eggs in California. Unlike some other California egg donation centers, we do not accept every candidate who applies. You must meet a set of requirements in order to qualify. We are discerning because we want to offer our clients the most optimal chance at implantation. To donate eggs, you must:

  • Preference for college degree or currently attending college
  • Be athletic
  • Be able to provide a full family medical history
  • Meet certain height and weight requirements
  • Have a Body Mass Index 30 or under
  • Be between 18 and 29 years old

Our thorough screening process may also require you to provide other information and meet other requirements. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about why we need this information and how we use it. You should feel involved in the process and connected to our final goal, which is giving families the child they have been waiting for.

egg donor requirements

What Is Egg Donation?

How To Become an Egg Donor

Do You Qualify to Be an Egg Donor?

During the screening process, we are on the lookout for any factors that might disqualify a woman from becoming an egg donor. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists several factors that make a person ineligible for tissue donation, including egg donation. Some factors that might disqualify a woman as an egg donor include:

  • History of IV drug use for non-medical purposes within the past five years
  • Getting a piercing or tattoo in the past 12 months, if non-sterile procedures were used
  • Receiving treatment for conditions such as syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia within the past 12 months
  • A positive or reactive test result for West Nile Virus
  • A history of having sex in exchange for money or drugs
  • Having sex with a person who has HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C at some point over the past 12 months
  • Receiving human-derived clotting factor concentrates at some point in the past five years to treat hemophilia or a similar blood clotting disorder
  • Sharing a home with someone who has hepatitis B or C
  • Being diagnosed with certain types of viral hepatitis after the age of 11
  • Spending five years or more in Europe from 1980 until the present day

How Much Can You Earn By Donating Eggs?

We appreciate our special egg donors and their desire to aid others in achieving something they could not do without you. We accompany you along every moment of this journey, and we pass along the appreciation of our clients. We offer generous monetary compensation to our donors, too. You can earn up to $20,000 for providing the gift of life.

What Is the Egg Donation Process?

Egg donation employs the process of in vitro fertilization to get eggs from the donor, which we use for the intended mother or surrogate. You will need to take hormones for a couple of weeks before we can get your eggs, using ovary stimulation to produce more than the one egg released in most monthly cycles.

Egg Donation Step by Step

egg donation step by step

  • Ovary Stimulation. The first step in the egg donation process is to begin taking a combination of drugs designed to stimulate egg production and regulate both ovulation and your menstrual cycle. The drugs help your ovaries produce multiple eggs at one time. They also sync your menstrual cycle with the woman who will ultimately receive your fertilized eggs.
  • Monitoring. You’ll be monitored via blood tests and ultrasound to determine when your follicles have developed and your body is ready to ovulate. Through monitoring, doctors know when your eggs are ready to be retrieved. When the doctor determines that follicles have developed, you will be given hCG to help the eggs fully mature.
  • Retrieval. Two days after hCG is administered, your eggs will be retrieved through transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. You will be sedated while a doctor removes several mature eggs from your ovaries. After a 1-2 hour recovery period, you can go home.
  • Follow up. Approximately one week after the retrieval procedure, you can expect to return to the doctor for a follow-up ultrasound and exam. You’ll also be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection in the week following the procedure.

How Many Times Can You Donate Your Eggs?

If you are a qualified candidate, you might be able to donate eggs multiple times. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) currently recommends that egg donors undergo the donation process no more than six times. The ASRM notes that there aren’t documented long-term risks to egg donation. At the same time, it also notes that there are some potential risks. For that reason, it suggests limiting the number of donation cycles.

What Are My Rights as an Egg Donor in CA?

Once your eggs are retrieved, your active part in the process is complete. You can take pleasure in the knowledge that, for someone else, the journey to parenthood is just beginning. The eggs will be fertilized and implanted into the uterus of a woman who has been waiting to become pregnant. In some cases, the eggs may be implanted into a surrogate mother who will carry the child on behalf of another woman or couple.

Although the eggs you donate contain your genetic material, the recipient of your eggs will be considered the legal parent of any children produced by the donated eggs. You will have no parental rights to the child, whether you know who received your eggs or not.

The experienced staff at Western Fertility Institute are well-versed in the requirements to donate eggs in California, as well as the legal issues surrounding egg donation. We can discuss the process with you and provide any information you need, as well as help to draw up legal contracts addressing any situation or concern.

How to Get Started as an Egg Donor in CA

When you apply to become an egg donor, we keep your identity anonymous. We honor your privacy and will not reveal who you are to our fertility clients. They browse our listings without seeing any names. You get the reward of knowing you have assisted someone with fulfilling their lifelong dream, through a process that takes only a small amount of your time.

To become an egg donor, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Complete an application.
  • Go through a few questions for your online profile, which will then be added to our website.
  • Meet with Dr. Kumar to complete an ultrasound to check the health of your ovaries.

Interested in becoming an egg donor and ready to learn more about the process? Contact a team member to learn more!



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