D.I.S.H. Support Group

Join us for the next Group on Sunday Sept. 30th, from 1pm to 3 pm at Western Fertility Institute

All our beloved surrogates are invited to participate to the
“Support Group Program”.

Your presence is highly recommended. Why? Because we D.I.S.H.!

Develop a community
Individual experiences
Support and encourage self-esteem
Help to express emotions

Why a Support Group?

The group will provide an immediate and rich personal experience in terms of personal development in a group setting.
The main force of the group is support each other’s: the various members with their contribution, their interactions and their reactions, guided, supported, highlighted and modeled by the host constitute the core of the care experience.
It is a safe place in where sharing all the emotions, thoughts or experiences regarding your journey.

Principal aims of the Support Group

  • Promotes the knowledge of the surrogacy journey.
  • Offers meeting spaces to encourage group aggregation and exchange among surrogates
  • Appreciate differences in each journey
  • Manage information, promotion, training and updating activities and support for group activation
  • Help participants express their feelings, emotions and thoughts.
  • Develop the ability to reflect on their surrogacy experience
  • Increase individual skills in dealing with problems and glimpse the resources present in everyone.
  • Stimulate self-esteem by working on greater personal awareness.
  • Offer help to others who are experiencing similar experiences to their own.
  • Facilitate new significant relationships.
  • Raise awareness of mutuality and solidarity as an antidote to isolation regarding the experience of surrogacy.

PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY: D.I.S.H members feel safe to share their emotions.
STRUCTURE & CLARITY: D.I.S.H members have clear roles, plans and goals.
MEANING: D.I.S.H Program goals are important to all the Western Fertility Institute surrogates.
IMPACT: D.I.S.H members think this program matters and creates change.


  • Be respectful:
    1. Begin and end meetings on time.
    2. All mobile phones have to be on silent mode.
    3. Be respectful of the person talking.
  • Everything said and heard in the group will be treated with respect for the participants and IPs’ privacy.
  • Everything written in your contract is confidential and cannot be divulgated. Please do not share this info (including financial compensation in the group).
  • The group offers respect and embrace for individual choices and experiences.
  • The group is a safe place to share feelings, and to obtain and provide support, information, reassurance and encouragement.
  • Silence is acceptable. No one needs to say anything she does not wish to say. The group is supportive rather than judgmental.
  • The group is flexible, flowing with the participants’ needs and interests.
  • The group provides an opportunity to reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Although the results of going to group can be therapeutic, the group is not meant to replace individual therapy.

D.I.S.H. Support Group Program
Western Fertility Institute