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Fertility treatments for cancer survivors

At Western Fertility Institute, our team is here to help guide you and discuss all fertility preservation options for future family building. The most productive step upon first diagnosis is to have an immediate consultation with a physician at Western Fertility Institute to discuss and begin fertility treatments before the cancer treatment is even started.

The most successful techniques include obtaining and preserving the female eggs or the male sperm or creating embryos and then freezing them. Your eggs, sperm or embryos will be available for future use when you have completed your cancer treatment and you have been cleared to move forward with achieving pregnancy.

Due to the time sensitivity with cancer treatment, you can expect an expedited treatment plan and to see a physician for consultation as soon as possible. Our team will work quickly with you and expedite your care Western Fertility Institute so that your cancer treatment is not delayed.

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If you have questions about third-party reproduction, as well as gestational surrogacy in California, give a team member a call at 888-261-4574 or contact our center today!