Donor Egg Process

The donor egg process

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Western Fertility Institute is actively involved in every step of the process of finding you the best agencies to help locate an egg donor. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. We believe that egg donors provide an amazing and generous gift – giving hope to individuals or couples who dream of having a family.


Who Is the Right Candidate for an Egg Donation Procedure?

Not everyone qualifies to be an egg donor in California. We employ strict standards for choosing the right candidates for egg donation at our Los Angeles agency. Egg donors must provide a comprehensive family medical history, which we scour for any signs of potential issues for the eggs. We also look for women who have:

  • No history of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Not smoked or used recreational drugs
  • Hormone levels high enough to support the egg retrieval process

We understand you will have many questions about the woman who supplies your donor egg and her personal history. We strive to answer all your queries and match you with the best candidate.

Finding an Egg Donor Agency

You can find many egg donor agencies in Los Angeles, though we, of course, recommend using Western Fertility Institute, where we have high embryo donation success rates. Things you should consider as you search for the right place to begin your egg donation procedure include:

  • Past success: Ask the agency about their success rates of embryo donation and see how that compares to local and national averages
  • Quality of care: Do you feel comfortable at the office? Do you like the doctors you meet? Do the people you interact with treat you as an individual and listen to your concerns?
  • Selection: You should get an adequate number of potential candidates for your egg donation. You want to have choices, and you should have an opportunity to ask any lingering questions you may have.

Western Fertility Institute treats everyone seeking an egg donor with the compassion and understanding you deserve. We understand this can be a difficult journey. We want you to receive the best results while also maintaining our sensitivity to your needs as we move along.

We support both the women who donate eggs in California and the women who will receive them for implantation. We can act as the liaison with your egg donor and ensure everything stays on track for a smooth procedure. We take care of every detail as we help you create the family you have dreamed about.

The Egg Donation Process

There are a few steps to the process of being matched with an egg donor – below is just a general outline of what to expect.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Meet with the physician for an initial consultation to review options, including the detailed process of matching with an egg donor, legal implications, insurance details, surrogacy costs, and basic medical information.

Step 2

Egg Donor Matching

After your initial consultation, if an egg donor has been chosen we will schedule a consultation to confirm her potential as an egg donor. Western Fertility Institute will evaluate the reproductive viability and potential of the egg donor to help you choose the best candidate. We can also be your liaison with the surrogacy agencies in helping identify a suitable match.

Step 3

Surrogate Matching

After an egg donor and surrogate have been chosen (if a surrogate is needed), we will schedule a consultation to confirm her viability as a surrogate. It is our job to assess the reproductive viability and potential of the surrogate to help you choose a viable candidate. We also believe in nurturing the surrogate during the fertility treatment. In addition, we can be your liaison with the surrogacy agencies in helping identify a suitable candidate.

Step 4

Legal Contracts

Western Fertility Institute or your agency will help you find a fertility attorney. Your attorney will coordinate the finalization of all legal documentation and contracts.

Step 5

Testing and Medications

The intended mother or surrogate will undergo testing, begin taking hormones and prepare for egg retrieval.

Step 6

Egg Retrieval and Fertilization

The donor eggs are retrieved from the donor and then fertilized.

Step 7

Embryo Transfer

The fertilized embryo is then transferred into the intended mother or surrogate’s uterus.

Step 8

Pregnancy & Delivery!

Your attorney will ensure that your journey ends with the required documentation for your home state or country. Domestic parents may be able to travel home within a day or two of the release from the hospital. International parents may be able to travel home after remaining in the state approximately two to four weeks after the child is discharged from the hospital.

We understand the egg donor and surrogate process can be emotionally challenging for everyone involved. The dedicated staff at Western Fertility Institute along with your agency are here to help guide you after the delivery while you are waiting to take baby home – we are here each step of the way.

Below are a few of the additional services Western Fertility Institute offers its patients,
(if you are not represented by an agency) for an additional cost:

We are here to assist with obtaining birth certificates paperwork to help expedite your return home.

We can help locate hotel and lodging accommodations while waiting to take baby home during the finalization of the surrogacy agreement.

We are also available to help locate a qualified and suitable nanny to help take care of your baby.

Whatever you need to help make this process easier and less overwhelming, we are here to provide you with the tools needed to have a clear path to follow so that you have the confidence that your needs and concerns are being met each and every step of the way.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Have Questions

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