Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing buys time by allowing a woman to postpone pregnancy. Advancing age, Cancer treatment, or delaying pregnancy for personal reasons are some of the issues that egg freezing can address.

Advancing age: The female body contains all the eggs it will ever have, these eggs age over time. After the age of 35 the viability and quantity of available eggs begin to decrease rapidly, for this reason, it can be beneficial to freeze eggs until you are ready or able to conceive.

Cancer Treatment: Cancer and radiation treatments can be harmful to eggs, the retrieval and freezing of the eggs protects them so that a healthy pregnancy will be possible once the patient is done with the treatments and ready to conceive.

Personal Reasons: Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we planned and for one reason or another a woman might not be ready to have a child. Egg freezing allows the preservation of healthy eggs until the woman is ready to start a family.

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