Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing in Los Angeles

Do you want to become a parent one day but aren’t ready to do it right now? Does a health condition have you worried about your reproductive health? You can approach parenthood on your own schedule when you freeze your eggs. This safe process gives you the chance to preserve your eggs for later fertilization.

What Is Egg Freezing?

When you utilize egg freezing, you can store your eggs for years until you decide you are ready to carry them or to have a surrogate carry them. We keep the eggs safe until you need them, essentially putting your reproductive abilities on pause. This option allows women the chance to take control of their fertility and wait until the right time to conceive.

How to Freeze Your Eggs

To freeze your eggs, you will need to undergo hormone treatment just like in vitro fertilization. The hormones stimulate the release of multiple eggs during the cycle, rather than the usual single egg. We remove the eggs using a needle while you are sedated. It will not be painful, and the entire process of retrieval takes only a few weeks.

how to freeze your eggs los angeles

Why Have Your Eggs Frozen?

Egg freezing buys time by allowing a woman to postpone pregnancy. Advancing age, Cancer treatment, or delaying pregnancy for personal reasons are some of the issues that egg freezing can address.

Advancing age: The female body contains all the eggs it will ever have, these eggs age over time. After the age of 35 the viability and quantity of available eggs begin to decrease rapidly, for this reason, it can be beneficial to freeze eggs until you are ready or able to conceive.

Cancer Treatment: Cancer and radiation treatments can be harmful to eggs, the retrieval and freezing of the eggs protects them so that a healthy pregnancy will be possible once the patient is done with the treatments and ready to conceive.

Personal Reasons: Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we planned and for one reason or another a woman might not be ready to have a child. Egg freezing allows the preservation of healthy eggs until the woman is ready to start a family.

Who Is a Candidate for Egg Freezing?

Most of the women we perform egg freezing for are under age 38. You can still have your eggs frozen after that age, but the likelihood of getting pregnant decreases. You will need to undergo procedures such as bloodwork and a consultation with our doctor to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Choosing the Right Place to Freeze Your Eggs

Freezing your eggs can be an emotional decision. Finding a Los Angeles fertility institute where you feel comfortable and supported will make the process more pleasant. You want to find a place that will answer your questions before the procedure and explain every step and why they are taking it.

When you come to Western Fertility Institute, you get the type of one-on-one care you desire. We have walked many women through each step of the egg-freezing process. Our doctor ensures you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. You put your trust in us for something important to you, and we assure you that you are in good hands. Whenever you decide you are ready to use the eggs you have frozen, we can assist you with those next steps as well.

Contact Us for More Information on Egg Freezing in Los Angeles

Western Fertility Institute has aided many women with freezing their eggs to give them the flexibility they need with their long-term fertility options. Let us help you as well. Contact us to learn more about the egg freezing procedure and our storage capabilities.

Have Questions

If you have questions about third-party reproduction, as well as gestational surrogacy in California, give a team member a call at 888-261-4574 or contact our center today!

What is Sex Selection?

It is common for many patients to be curious about the ability to choose the sex of their baby. This is known as Sex Selection (also commonly referred to as Gender Selection). Through genetic testing, this is possible for our patients undergoing IVF at Western Fertility Institute. A  By-product of the genetic testing performed on the embryos called PGT-A allows for differentiation between male and female embryos since the sex of each embryo is identifiable by their chromosomes.


How does Sex Selection Work?

Sex selection through Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT_A) testing allows patients to select the sex of their embryos with almost 100% accuracy. Our highly skilled embryologists will biopsy a single cell from the embryo and send it to a third-party laboratory for PGT-A testing. The PGT-A results will show if each embryo has the proper number of chromosomes as well as the prospective of sex. Embryos containing two X chromosomes are female, while male embryos will contain one X and one Y chromosome. This allows the patient to choose a PGT-A embryo of a desired sex for transfer.


Why Do People Use Sex Selection?

Patients choose to use sex selection as an option for multiple reasons.  In some cases, it can be used for medical reasons.  Sex selection allows for the prevention of sex-linked genetic diseases and chromosomal disorders. For instance, there are certain disorders, linked to the X or Y chromosomes, that have the potential to be passed on to only a son or only a daughter. In other cases, sex selection can be used for what is known as "family balancing". Family balancing is when the patient chooses a specific sex in order to fulfill their desire of a balanced family.  This can include choosing a sex based on a previously lost child, because they feel better equipped to raise a specific sex, or they want representation of both sexes in their family.


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