Fertility & Reproductive Counseling in Los Angeles

What Is Fertility Counseling and How Can It Help Me?

Have you been trying to conceive for more than 12 months? This issue is not uncommon, but it can be quite frustrating. The longer it continues, the more sad, angry and confused you may feel. If you’ve been having unprotected sex or undergoing fertility treatments for a year and not gotten pregnant yet, you will receive a clinical “infertility” diagnosis.

Uncovering the reasons behind that diagnosis can help a couple achieve their dream of having a baby. But you may still have many emotions as you pursue parenthood, including feelings that can impact your relationship with your partner. That’s where fertility counseling comes in.

What Is Fertility Counseling?

Also sometimes referred to as infertility or reproductive counseling, this form of therapy focuses on your efforts to conceive and the effect those efforts have on your life, your relationship and your future. Many fertility clinics require couples to undergo fertility counseling before they move forward with an egg or sperm donation or other procedures that help them conceive.

Counseling consists of meeting with a therapist to discuss the emotional pain that comes with infertility. Therapists can also assist couples as they explore feelings of guilt, shame or inadequacy that may accompany an infertility diagnosis, especially when one partner suffers from a condition that leads to the trouble conceiving.

Who Is a Candidate for Fertility Counseling?

Anyone who has struggled with infertility becomes a candidate for fertility counseling. You may also consider attending if:

  • You are undergoing treatment for infertility.
  • You’re considering using a surrogate.
  • You aren’t sure what path to take next in your infertility journey.
  • Your relationship with your partner has been hurt by your infertility struggles.

What Is the Value of Reproductive Counseling?

Many couples find healing the greatest benefit of fertility counseling. Counseling brings tough issues to the fore and forces couples to deal with them rather than avoiding them or shrugging them off. Often, infertility can overshadow everything else in your life. Talking with a therapist helps you work through all the issues surrounding infertility and also prepares you for the next steps if you are considering a surrogate, in vitro fertilization or other fertility treatments.

Why We Combine Fertility Solutions With Counseling

At Western Fertility Institute, we provide fertility solutions, but we also care for our patients’ emotional wellbeing. We recognize infertility can feel difficult, and the treatments may continue to take a toll on you emotionally, especially if you do not get the results you hope for on the first, second or even third try.

We believe those results are worth fighting for. We will stand beside you, offering support as you continue to pursue your dream of parenthood, and we think it’s important to have an emotional outlet when times get tough. We believe in combining fertility solutions and counseling as a means of helping our patients become parents and cope with the many ups and downs of fertility. Contact us today to learn more from our team about our counseling options.