Surrogacy Advice

So you’ve decided to become a surrogate mother. We want you to know how amazing you are. This decision takes courage and commitment, but it also takes a lot of heart. After all, you’re providing the most precious gift possible — a beautiful baby to a family who cannot bear their own.

Before you begin the surrogacy process, you should be prepared for this huge responsibility. There will be good and bad times. Emotionally, you should be aware of many factors. However, all of it leads to an amazing result that should fill your heart with deep joy — giving someone a baby.

To help you become more fully prepared, here is some advice on what you can expect, what you should know ahead of time and how to make this surrogacy experience as great as it can possibly be.

This Pregnancy Will Be Different

Since one of the requirements of becoming a surrogate is a past, successful pregnancy, we know that you’ve carried and delivered a child before. And though that experience will probably prepare you for some of the physical changes that happen during pregnancy, this experience will be totally different. The main difference, which you’re aware of, is that you won’t be bringing this child home with you.

During the actual pregnancy, you may experience some unforeseen emotions. Knowing that this child is someone else’s will probably make you slightly nervous and more careful. You may even experience paranoia in your desire to keep the baby safe. All these feelings are normal, so be sure to have a support system in place to help you deal with the emotional implications of being a surrogate.

Be Prepared to Get Personal

As you go through the screening process of surrogacy and beyond, many strangers will need to know the inner workings of your body. This information is necessary as we ensure you’re prepared and ready for what’s to come. If you’re someone who is introverted or shy, you may feel uncomfortable sharing so much personal information about yourself and your family. Please, be patient with this process. Even if it’s awkward, our desire is to protect you and the baby you might carry.

Paperwork, Exams and Needles

The surrogacy process is extremely detailed and may feel like a whirlwind. It begins with tons of paperwork, including medical evaluations, questionnaires and legal documents. The next step involves examinations and counseling sessions to make sure you’re physically and emotionally ready to handle this process. Then there are the needles. To prepare your body to become a gestational surrogate, you’ll receive injections of fertility drugs. This step is in place to ensure your body can accept the embryos a doctor places in your uterus.

The Question Askers

Once people find out you’re a surrogate mother, they’ll be extremely curious about why. They’ll want to know what motivated you to carry someone else’s child. It’s important that you have an answer prepared. But not just you — your husband, kids and family should be ready for the questions as well. Most people will be inspired and very supportive. Unfortunately, there may be a few who don’t understand why you’re making this decision.

There Will Be Sacrifices, but for a Great Reward

Potential surrogate mothers should always do some soul searching before choosing this path. Are you and your family ready to be active participants in the surrogacy process? Many aspects of your life will be affected, and you must be willing to sacrifice:

  • Your body
  • Your time
  • Some foods or drinks you love, like wine
  • And more

At Western Fertility Institute, we encourage our surrogates to have the full support of their family, especially their spouse and children. It’s essential that they’re aware of the implications surrogacy could have on them. However, along with these sacrifices will come great rewards. When the child you carry is placed in their parents’ arms for the first time, a deep sense of pride will be yours to enjoy for the rest of your life.

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Although acting as a surrogate mother is not always easy, it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give to any couple. If you’re ready to learn more about starting the surrogacy process, contact Western Fertility Institute today.