What to Do If You Want to Be a Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate mother is a decision that involves soul searching and the advice and input of your friends and family. But once you’ve chosen to begin this momentous process, you should be filled with happiness knowing that you’re going to be giving a child to a family who can’t have their own.

After you’ve decided, what comes next? Surrogacy can be a complicated process. At Western Fertility Institute, we want to ensure that you’re fully prepared ahead of time. Throughout the process, we’ll be there, offering our support and answering any questions that arise.

With that goal in mind, we’ve created a step-by-step breakdown of what to do if you want to become a surrogate mother.

Contact the Team at Western Fertility Institute

Many agencies provide surrogacy opportunities. However, Western Fertility Institute ensures that both surrogate mothers and the baby’s intended family have all the resources they need for a successful surrogacy process. And it all begins with a simple phone call or by reaching out through our online form.

A member of our team will connect with you soon after that. Their goal is to get to know you and find out if surrogacy is not only a viable option but also the right choice for you and your family. Questions may range from your medical history to your favorite movie. Just think of it as a conversation between friends.

Consultation at Our Los Angeles Office

After this initial conversation, we may invite you in for a consultation at our office in Los Angeles. If you’re not local, this step can be done over the phone. You’ll meet one of the top reproductive doctors in the U.S., who will review your medical history to further ensure your viability as a surrogacy candidate.

Surrogate Profile, Paperwork and Legal Requirements

At the onset of the surrogacy process, there will be a lot of paperwork as we create your surrogate profile. You may need to fill out questionnaires and other forms. We’ll also help you understand the legal requirements of becoming a surrogate mother and provide you with legal clearance to take the next step and find an intended family match.

Matched With an Intended Family

The team at Western Fertility Institute works with intended families to find the right surrogate for them. After you’re paired up, we’ll contact you about the next step in the process — the transfer appointment.

The Transfer Appointment

Before an embryo can be implanted in your uterus, you’ll be provided with medications — like estrogen and progesterone — to boost the success rate of the embryo transfer. On your appointment day, you’ll once again meet with our reproductive doctor, who will perform the transfer procedure. This process is relatively quick and painless.

Follow-Up Appointments

A few weeks after the transfer appointment, you’ll return to Western Fertility Institute to confirm the pregnancy. We work with surrogate mothers for the first 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, performing ultrasounds and blood tests to track the progress of the pregnancy. After that, you can continue your care with your own OB-GYN.

Ready to Become a Surrogate at Western Fertility Institute?

These initial steps are just the beginning of the surrogacy process. There will be many ups and downs, but at the end of the road, you’ll have the joy of knowing that your sacrifice is bringing a priceless gift to a family in need. If you’re ready to become a surrogate mother, contact us today at Western Fertility Institute.